Book:Victor L. Streeter/Fluid Mechanics/Fourth Edition

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Victor L. Streeter: Fluid Mechanics (4th Edition)

Published $\text {1966}$, McGraw-Hill

Subject Matter


Part 1: Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics
Chapter 1: Fluid Properties and Definitions
Chapter 2: Fluid Statics
Chapter 3: Fluid-flow Concepts ad Basic Equations
Chapter 4: Dimensional Analysis and Dynamic Similitude
Chapter 5: Viscous Effects: Fluid Resistance
Chapter 6: Compressible Flow
Chapter 7: Ideal-fluid Flow
Part 2: Applications of Fluid Mechanics
Chapter 8: Fluid Measurement and Control
Chapter 9: Turbomachinery
Chapter 10: Steady Closed-conduit Flow
Chapter 11: Steady Flow in Open Channels
Chapter 12: Unsteady Flow
A. Force Systems, Moments, and Centroids
B. Partial Derivatives and Total Differentials
C. Physical Properties of Fluids
D. Notation
E. Computer Programming Aids
Answers to Even-numbered Problems


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