Book:W.W. Sawyer/Mathematics In Theory and Practice

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W.W. Sawyer: Mathematics In Theory and Practice

Published $\text {1948}$, Odhams Press Limited


Foreword by Professor H. Levy, M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S.E.
Chapter $\text {I} \quad$ On Being your Own Teacher
W.W. Sawyer, B.A.
Chapter $\text {II} \quad$ The Meaning of Numbers
W.W. Sawyer, B.A.
Chapter $\text {III} \quad$ Measuring
W.W. Sawyer, B.A.
Chapter $\text {IV} \quad$ Basic Operations of Arithmetic
R. Wesley, B.Sc.
Chapter $\text {V} \quad$ Further Operations in Arithmetic
R. Wesley, B.Sc.
Chapter $\text {VI} \quad$ Formulae
W.W. Sawyer, B.A.
Chapter $\text {VII} \quad$ Geometry
W.W. Sawyer, B.A.
Chapter $\text {VIII} \quad$ Figures and Formulae into Pictures
C.L. Johnson, B.Sc.
Chapter $\text {IX} \quad$ Algebraic Operations
F.E. Bowman, M.A.
Chapter $\text {X} \quad$ Labour-Saving Operations
W.W. Sawyer, B.A., and R. Wesley, B.Sc.
Chapter $\text {XI} \quad$ Trigonometry
R. Wesley, B.Sc.
Guide to Further Study
W.W. Sawyer, B.A.
Answers to Exercises