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William Carmichael McIntoshJohn Edward Aloysius Steggall and James Colquhoun Irvine: University of Saint Andrews Five Hundredth Anniversary Memorial Volume of Scientific Papers

Published $\text {1911}$, George Allen and Unwin Ltd


Preface (J.E.A. Steggall)
Idem Latinum Redditum
Thomas Ross Mills

Concrete Representations of Non-Euclidean Geometry
Duncan M'Laren Young Sommerville
On the Algebraical Solution of Indeterminate Cubic and Quartic Equations
Robert Norrie
The Problem of Partition of Energy, Especially in Radiation
William Peddie
On the Accuracy Attainable with a Modified Form of Atwood's Machine
John Patrick Dalton
The Deviation of the Oscillations of a Viscous Solid from the Isochronous Law
William Peddie
The Dissipation of Energy in Torsional Oscillation
James Bonnyman Ritchie
Wave Impact on Engineering Structures
Arnold Hartley Gibson and William Nelson Elgood

The Preparateion of Partially Methylated Sugars and Polyhydric Alcohols
James Colquhoun Irvine
A General Review of Purdie's Reaction
Charles Robert Young
The Preparation of Anhydrides of Organic Acids
William Smith Denham
Indium and Thallium in Crystallographical Relationship
Robert Charles Wallace

A Brief History of the Chair of Natural History at St Andrews
William Carmichael M'Intosh
Magnalia Naturæ
D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson
St Andrews and Scientific Fishery Investigations
Edward Ernest Prince
On the Toxicity of Local Anæsthetics
Charles Robertshaw Marshall