Cardinality of Set of Strictly Increasing Mappings

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Let $\struct {S, \preceq}$ and $\struct {T, \preccurlyeq}$ be tosets.

Let the cardinality of $S$ and $T$ be:

$\card S = m, \card T = n$

Then the number of strictly increasing mappings from $S$ to $T$ is:

$\dbinom n m = \dfrac {n!} {m! \ \paren {n - m}!}$.

where $\dbinom n m$ is a binomial coefficient.



Mapping from Totally Ordered Set is Order Embedding iff Strictly Increasing


Strictly Monotone Mapping with Totally Ordered Domain is Injective

a strictly increasing mapping $\phi$ from $S$ to $T$ is an order isomorphism from $S$ to $\map \phi S$.

Let $\mathbb F$ be the set of all strictly increasing mappings from $S$ to $T$.

Let $\mathbb G$ be the set of all subsets of $T$ with $m$ elements.

By Unique Isomorphism between Equivalent Finite Totally Ordered Sets, the mapping $\Phi: \mathbb F \to \mathbb G$ defined as:

$\forall \phi \in \mathbb F: \Phi: \phi \to \map \phi S$

is a bijection.

The result follows from Cardinality of Set of Subsets.