Cardinality of Subset of Finite Set

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Let $A$ and $B$ be finite sets such that $A \subseteq B$.

Let $\left\lvert{B}\right\rvert = n$.

Then $\left\lvert{A}\right\rvert \le n$.


Let $A \subseteq B$.

There are two cases:

$(1): \quad A \ne B$

In this case:

$A \subsetneqq B$

and from Cardinality of Proper Subset of Finite Set:

$\left\lvert{A}\right\rvert < n$

$(2): \quad A = B$

In this case:

$\left\lvert{A}\right\rvert = \left\lvert{B}\right\rvert$

and so:

$\left\lvert{A}\right\rvert = n$

In both cases:

$\left\lvert{A}\right\rvert \le n$

Hence the result.


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