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The Ancient Egyptian system of counting consisted of grouping a number of symbols of powers of $10$.

The Egyptian numerals are:

\(\displaystyle 1:\) \(\)Egyptian 1.png\(\) \(\displaystyle \)single stroke\(\)
\(\displaystyle 10:\) \(\)Egyptian 10.png\(\) \(\displaystyle \)heel bone\(\)
\(\displaystyle 100:\) \(\)Egyptian 100.png\(\) \(\displaystyle \)coil of rope\(\)
\(\displaystyle 1000:\) \(\)Egyptian 1000.png\(\) \(\displaystyle \)water lily or lotus\(\)
\(\displaystyle 10 \, 000:\) \(\)Egyptian 10000.png\(\) \(\displaystyle \)bent finger\(\)
\(\displaystyle 100 \, 000:\) \(\)Egyptian 100000.png\(\) \(\displaystyle \)tadpole or frog\(\)
\(\displaystyle 1 \, 000 \, 000:\) \(\)Egyptian 1000000.png\(\) \(\displaystyle \)man with both arms raised, perhaps in astonishment\(\)

To express other numbers than these, symbols are repeated.

For example, $276$ in Egyptian hieroglyphics could be written as:

Egyptian 276.png