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Let $\triangle ABC$ be a triangle.

The Feuerbach circle of $\triangle ABC$ is the circle which passes through each of the $9$ points:

the feet of the altitudes of $\triangle ABC$
the midpoints of the sides of $\triangle ABC$
the midpoints of the lines from the vertices of $\triangle ABC$ to the orthocenter of $\triangle ABC$.


Also known as

The Feuerbach circle is also known as the nine point circle or nine-point circle.

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Source of Name

This entry was named for Karl Wilhelm Feuerbach.

Historical Note

Although named after Karl Wilhelm Feuerbach, the Feuerbach Circle was actually discovered in $1820$ by Jean-Victor Poncelet and Charles Julien Brianchon.

It bears Feuerbach's name as the result of Feuerbach's Theorem, which extends the known properties of the circle to include the tangencies to the incircle and excircles.