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Let $\struct {S, \preceq}$ be an ordered set.

Let $a, b \in S$.

Then $a$ is an immediate successor (element) to $b$ if and only if $b$ is an immediate predecessor (element) to $a$.

That is, if and only if:

$(1): \quad b \prec a$
$(2): \quad \nexists c \in S: b \prec c \prec a$

That is, there exists no element strictly between $b$ and $a$ in the ordering $\preceq$.

That is:

$a \prec b$ and $\openint a b = \O$

where $\openint a b$ denotes the open interval from $a$ to $b$.

We say that $a$ immediately succeeds $b$.

Also known as

Some sources just refer to a successor (element).

However, compare this with the definition on this site for successor element.

If $a$ immediately succeeds $b$, some sources will say that $a$ covers $b$.

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