Definition:Maximal Spectrum of Ring

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Let $A$ be a commutative ring with unity.

The maximal spectrum of $A$ is the set of maximal ideals of $A$:

$\operatorname{Max} \: \Spec A = \set {\mathfrak m \lhd A : \mathfrak m \text { is maximal} }$

where $I \lhd A$ indicates that $I$ is an ideal of $A$.

The notation $\operatorname {Max} \: \Spec A$ is also a shorthand for the locally ringed space

$\struct {\operatorname {Max} \: \Spec A, \tau, \mathcal O_{\map {\operatorname {Max Spec} } A} }$


$\tau$ is the Zariski topology on $\map {\operatorname {Max Spec} } A$
$\mathcal O_{\map {\operatorname {Max Spec} } A}$ is the structure sheaf of $\map {\operatorname {Max Spec} } A$

Also denoted as

The maximal spectrum of $A$ can also be denoted $\map {\max} A$.

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