Definition:Categorical Syllogism/Shorthand

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In order to specify the pattern of a categorical syllogism completely, it is necessary and sufficient to specify:

$(1) \quad$ The figure ($\text I$ to $\text {IV}$) of the syllogism


$(2) \quad$ The types of the three categorical statements that compose the syllogism.

Hence, for example, the following categorical syllogism, which is of the first figure:

$\begin{array}{r|rl} \text I & & \\ \hline \\ \text{Major Premise}: & \mathbf E & \left({M, P}\right) \\ \text{Minor Premise}: & \mathbf I & \left({S, M}\right) \\ \hline \\ \text{Conclusion}: & \mathbf O & \left({S, P}\right) \\ \end{array}$

is specified completely by:

$\text I: EIO$