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Volume is the measure of the extent of a body.

It has three dimensions and is specified in units of length cubed.

Hence the term cube as a general vague term for a quantity in three dimensions.

It is a scalar quantity.


The usual symbol used to denote the volume of a body is $V$.


Volume is a dimension of measurement of physics.

The dimension of measurement of volume is:


length cubed.


The SI unit of volume is the cubic metre:

$\mathrm m^3$

The CGS unit of volume is the cubic centimetre:

$\mathrm {cm}^3$

or, less formally:

$\mathrm {cc}$


$1 \ \mathrm m^3 = 10^6 \ \mathrm {cm}^3 = 1 \,000 \,000 \ \mathrm {cc}$

Also known as

The term capacity can sometimes be seen in texts whose emphasis is on physics and applied mathematics.

In non-mathematical literature and popular puzzle pages, less precise terms can be seen, for example cubical contents.

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