Every field is a Principal Ideal Domain

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All fields $F$ are Principal Ideal Domains


Let $F$ be a field and $I \subset F$ be a nontrivial ideal.

Then if $a \in I$ is nonzero, we have that $1 = a^{-1} \cdot a \in I$, where $a^{-1}$ exists since $F$ is a field and $a \neq 0$.

Since $1 \in I$, for every element $b \in F$, $b = b \cdot 1 \in I$, so we have that $I = F = \langle 1 \rangle$ if $I \neq \{0\}$.

So, the only ideals of a field $F$ are $\langle 0 \rangle = \{0\}$ and $\langle 1 \rangle = F$, which are both principal ideals.