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Modern Puzzles by Henry Ernest Dudeney: $61$

Palindromic Square Numbers
This is a curious subject for investigation -- the search for square numbers the figures of which read backwards and forwards alike.
Some of them are very easily found.
For example, the squares of $1$, $11$, $111$ and $1111$ are respectively $1$, $121$, $12321$, and $1234321$, all palindromes,
and the rule applies for any number of $1$'s provided the number does not contain more than nine.
But there are other cases that we may call irregular, such as the square of $264 = 69696$ and the square of $2285 = 5221225$.
Now, all the examples I have given contain an odd number of digits.
Can the reader find a case where the square palindrome contains an even number of figures?

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