Intersection and Sum of Submodules/Corollary

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Corollary to Intersection and Sum of Submodules

Let $\left({G, +, \circ}\right)_R$ be an $R$-module.

Ordered by $\subseteq$, the set of all submodules of $G$ is a complete lattice:

Let $H_1, H_2, \ldots, H_n$ be submodules of $G$.


$(1) \quad H_1 + H_2 + \cdots + H_n$ is the supremum
$(2) \quad H_1 \cap H_2 \cap \cdots \cap H_n$ is the infimum

of $\left\{{H_1, H_2, \ldots, H_n}\right\}$ in the complete lattice of all submodules of $G$.