Law of Sines for Spherical Triangles

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Let $\triangle ABC$ be a spherical triangle on the surface of a sphere whose center is $O$.

Let the sides $a, b, c$ of $\triangle ABC$ be measured by the angles subtended at $O$, where $a, b, c$ are opposite $A, B, C$ respectively.


$\dfrac {\sin a} {\sin A} = \dfrac {\sin b} {\sin B} = \dfrac {\sin c} {\sin C}$


Also known as

This result is also known as the Spherical Law of Sines.

Historical Note

This result was first stated by Regiomontanus in his De Triangulis Omnimodus of 1464.


... where he misattributes it to Georg Joachim Rhaeticus