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Bhāskara (Kannada: ಭಾಸ್ಕರಾಚಾರ್ಯ) was an Indian mathematician and astronomer.

He is known as Bhāskara II, Bhāskara Āchārya ("Bhāskara the teacher"), or Bhāskarāchārya, to distinguish him from Bhāskara I).




  • Born: 1114 in Vijayapura, near Bijjada Bida (in present day Bijapur district, Karnataka state), South India
  • Died: 1185 in Ujjain, India

Theorems and Definitions

  • A proof of Pythagoras' Theorem by dropping a perpendicular and investigating the relations between the ratios of the sides of the resulting similar triangles.

Results named for Bhāskara II Āchārya can be found here.


All written in ca. 1150 B.C.E.:

  • Siddhanta Shiromani (or Siddhantasiromani) which consists of two parts:
    • Goladhyaya (sphere)
    • Grahaganita (mathematics of the planets).
  • Vasanabhasya of Mitaksara (Bhāskara's own commentary on the Siddhanta Shiromani)
  • Karanakutuhala (Calculation of Astronomical Wonders) or Brahmatulya (a simplified version of the Siddhanta Shiromani)
  • Vivarana (a commentary on the Shishyadhividdhidatantra of Lalla.

Notable Quotes

-- on demonstrating a proof of Pythagoras's Theorem

The second value is in this case not to be taken, for it is inadequate; people do not approve of negative roots.
-- on negative roots