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Turkish mathematician best known for his work in abstract algebra and algebraic number theory.




  • Born: 11 Oct 1910, Salonika, Ottoman Empire (now Thessaloniki, Greece)
  • Died: 26 Dec 1997, Istanbul, Turkey

Theorems and Definitions

Books and Papers

  • 1940: Untersuchungen über reinverzweigte Erweiterungen diskret bewerteter perfekter Körper (J. reine angew. Math. Vol. 181: pp. 1 – 44)
  • 1941: Untersuchungen über quadratische Formen in Körpern der Charakteristik 2, I (J. reine angew. Math. Vol. 183: pp. 148 – 167)
  • 1948: Une interprétation algébrique de la suite des ordres de multiplicité d'une branche algébrique (Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, Second Series Vol. 50 (4): pp. 256 – 287)
  • 1954: On a generalization of Green's formula and its application to the Cauchy problem for a hyperbolic equation (in Studies in mathematics and mechanics, presented to Richard von Mises)
  • 1984: The advantage of geometric concepts in mathematics