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Belgian mathematician famous for proving the Prime Number Theorem, independently of Jacques Salomon Hadamard in $1896$.




  • Born: August 14, 1866
  • Died: March 2, 1962

Theorems and Definitions

The Meissel-Mertens Constant, for Daniel Friedrich Ernst Meissel and Franz Mertens
Kronecker's Constant, for Leopold Kronecker
the Prime Reciprocal Constant

Definitions of concepts named for Charles de la Vallée Poussin can be found here.


Also known as

Full name: Charles-Jean Étienne Gustave Nicolas, Baron de la Vallée Poussin.

Some sources hyphenate variously, for example: Charles-Jean de la Vallée-Poussin.

Variants on the capitalisation of the small words can be seen, for example: Charles-Jean De La Vallée-Poussin