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One of the most influential mathematicians in the late $19$th and early $20$th century.

Most famous for the Hilbert $23$, a list he delivered in $1900$ of $23$ problems which were at the time still unsolved.




  • Born: 23 Jan 1862, Königsberg, Prussia (now Kaliningrad, Russia)
  • Died: 14 Feb 1943, Göttingen, Germany

Theorems and Definitions

Results named for David Hilbert can be found here.

Definitions of concepts named for David Hilbert can be found here.


  • 1893: Über die Transcendenz der Zahlen e und pi (Math. Ann. Vol. 43: 216 – 219)
  • 1894: Ein Beitrag zur Theorie des Legendreschen Polynoms (in which the Hilbert Matrix was introduced)
  • 1919 - 1920: Natur und mathematisches Erkennen: Vorlesungen, gehalten

Work in progress.

Notable Quotes

The infinite! No other question has ever moved so profoundly the spirit of man. (1921)
-- Quoted in 1937: Eric Temple Bell: Men of Mathematics: They Say: What Say They? : Let Them Say

Aus dem Paradies, das Cantor uns geschaffen, soll uns niemand vertrieben können.
(No one can chase us out of the paradise that Cantor has created for us.)
-- Quoted in preface to 1999: András Hajnal and Peter Hamburger: Set Theory