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Irish scientific writer and populariser of science.


Irish, although at that time Ireland was politically part of Great Britain.


  • Born: 3 April 1793, Dublin, Ireland
  • Died: 29 April 1859, Naples, Kingdom of the Two Sicilies


  • 1830 -- 1832: The Cabinet Library (12 volumes)
  • 1830 -- 1844: Cabinet Cyclop√¶dia (133 volumes) (as editor)
  • 1846: The First Six Books of the The Elements of Euclid, with a Commentary and Geometrical Exercises: To Which Are Annexed a Treatise on Solid Geometry, and A Short Essay on the Ancient Geometrical Analysis
  • 1854 -- 1856: The Museum of Science and Art (12 volumes)

Notable Quotes

Euclid once superseded, every teacher would esteem his own work the best, and every school would have its own class book. All that rigour and exactitude which have so long excited the admiration of men of science would be at an end. These very words would lose all definite meaning. Every school would have a different standard; matter of assumption in one being matter of demonstration in another; until at length, Geometry, in the ancient sense of the word, would be completely frittered away or be only considered as a particular application of Arithmetic and Algebra.
1846: The First Six Books of the The Elements of Euclid