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English mathematician who worked mainly in the field of differential equations.




  • Born: 30 Nov 1891 in Amblecote, Staffordshire, England
  • 1909: Matriculated at Edinburgh University
  • 1913: Graduated with First Class Honours in mathematics
  • 1915: Went to Cambridge to continue research
  • 1918: Appointed lecturer in mathematics at University of Leeds
  • 1920: Lectureship in mathematics at Liverpool
  • 1923: Elected to the Royal Society of Edinburgh
  • 1924: Married Phyllis Fry
  • 1926: Chair of pure mathematics at Egyptian University in Cairo
  • 1931: Returned to Britain, teaching at Edinburgh University
  • 1932: Appointed to Imperial College, London
  • 1935: Appointed head of Department of Technical Mathematics at Edinburgh
  • Died: 16 March 1941 in Edinburgh, Scotland


  • 1934: Mathematical Tables, Volume IV: Cycles of reduced ideals in quadratic fields
  • 1940: The periodic Lamé functions
  • 1940: Further investigations into the periodic Lamé functions
  • 1942: Simultaneous linear partial differential equations of the second order (posthumous)