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American mathematician active in the field of group theory, but more well-known for her work in astronomy.

Also involved (with Jerzy Neyman) in the science of rainmaking by cloud seeding.

Deeply politically involved in the fight against sexual discrimination in academia, in particular in the sciences, having suffered particularly from this in the early part of her career.

The Elizabeth Scott Award was established in her memory.

Not to be confused with the popular American novelist of the same name.




  • Born: November 23, 1917, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, USA
  • Died: December 20, 1988, Berkeley, California, USA


  • 1949: Part I: Contribution to the problem of Selective Identifiability of spectroscopic Binaries
  • 1949: Part II: Note on Consistent Estimates of the Linear Structural Relation Between Two Variables
  • 1949: Distribution of the longitude of periastron of spectroscopic binaries
  • 1958: Statistical approach to the problems of cosmology (with Jerzy Neyman)
  • 1970: Statistical aspects of rain stimulation: Problems and prospects (with Jerzy Neyman)
  • 1981: Career outcomes in a matched sample of men and women Ph.D.'s: An analytical report (with N.C. Ahern)
  • 1988: Existentially closed groups (with Graham Higman)

Also known as

Elizabeth Scott was informally known as Betty Scott.