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German-American mathematician who helped found the theories of Euclidean Ramsey theory and of the arithmetic properties of analytic functions.

Worked as the assistant to Albert Einstein.


German-born American


  • Born: 25 February 1922 in Munich, Germany
  • 1933: Emigrated to Palestine on the death of his father
  • 1941: Enrolled at Columbia University in New York
  • 1942: Obtained Master's degree
  • 1944: Selected by Albert Einstein to be his assistant
  • 1944: Moved to Princeton
  • 1948: Obtained doctorate at Columbia
  • 1948: Enrolled at University of California as an instructor in mathematics
  • Died: 12 July 1983 in Los Angeles, California, USA

Theorems and Definitions


  • 1945: The Influence of the Expansion of Space on the Gravitation Fields surrounding the Individual Stars (with Albert Einstein)
  • 1949: Some Results in Einstein's Unified Field Theory
  • 1949: Continued Fractions, Algebraic Functions and the Padé Table (with Richard Bellman)
  • 1950: On Entire Functions with Algebraic Derivatives at Certain Algebraic Points
  • 1951: On the Polynomials whose Derivatives have Integral Values at the Integers
  • 1953: On linear independence of sequences in a Banach space (with Paul Erdős)
  • 1956: Remark on the preceding paper. Algebraic equations satisfied by roots of natural numbers (Pacific J. Math. Vol. 6: 97 – 98) (with Olga Taussky)
  • 1958: Curvature in Hilbert geometries (with Paul Kelly)
  • 1962: On a problem in the theory of partitions
  • 1971: Nonaveraging sets

As Editor