Mathematician:Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger

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Austrian physicist who developed a number of fundamental results in the field of quantum theory, which formed the basis of wave mechanics.




  • Born: 12 August 1887 in Erdberg, Vienna, Austria
  • Died: 4 January 1961 in Vienna, Austria

Theorems and Definitions


  • 1910: On the conduction of electricity on the surface of insulators in moist air
  • 1920: Theorie der Pigmente von größter Leuchtkraft (Theory of Pigments with Highest Luminosity)
  • 1920: Grundlinien einer Theorie der Farbenmetrik im Tagessehen (Outline of a theory of colour measurement for daylight vision)
  • 1920: Farbenmetrik (Colour measurement)
  • 1935: The present situation in quantum mechanics (in which Schrödinger's Cat makes its appearance)
  • 1935: Science and the human temperament
  • 1946: What Is Life
  • 1950: Space-Time Structure
  • 1954: Nature and the Greeks
  • 1956: Expanding Universes
  • 1961: Meine Weltansicht

Also known as

Some sources omit the Josef.