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Flemish Jesuit and mathematician, best remembered for his work on quadrature of the hyperbola.

Gave an early account of the summation of geometric series

Resolved Zeno's paradox by showing that the time intervals involved formed a geometric progression and thus had a finite sum.




  • Born: 8 September 1584 in Bruges, Spanish Netherlands (now Belgium)
  • Died: 27 January 1667 in Ghent, Spanish Netherlands (now Belgium)

Theorems and Definitions

Mercator's Constant, for Nicholas Mercator
the alternating harmonic series

Definitions of concepts named for Grégoire de Saint-Vincent can be found here.


  • 1619: Theses cometis
  • 1620: Theses mechanicae
  • 1647: Opus geometricum quadraturae circuli sectionum coni
  • 1668: Opus geometricum ad mesolabium