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German classical scholar and high school teacher, who contributed towards the documentation of the ancient history of mathematics.




  • Born: 19th June 1838 in Aachen, North Rhine / Westphalia (now Germany)
  • 1860 to 1864: Full professor at the Gymnasium in Andernach
  • 1882 to 1891: Director of the Grand Ducal High School in Mainz
  • Died: after 1904


  • 1863: Die Parabel-Quadratur des Archimedes ("The Parabola Quadrature of Archimedes")
  • 1874: Des Archimedes Kreismessung nebst des Eutokius aus Ascalon Commentar ("The Archimedes Circular Measurement along with the Commentary of Eutokius of Ascalon")
  • 1883 -- 1916: The works of Euclid (with Johan Ludvig Heiberg)