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English mathematician most famous for converting Napierian logarithms into Briggsian (common) logarithms.




  • Born: Feb 1561, Warleywood, Yorkshire, England
  • Died: 26 Jan 1630, Oxford, England

Theorems and Definitions

Definitions of concepts named for Henry Briggs can be found here.


  • 1602: A Table to find the Height of the Pole, the Magnetic Declination being given
  • 1610: Tables for the Improvement of Navigation
  • 1616, 1618: A Description of an Instrumental Table to find the part proportional, devised by Mr Edward Wright
  • 1617: Logarithmorum Chilias Prima
  • 1619: Lucubrationes et Annotationes in opera posthuma J. Neperi
  • 1620: An edition of the first six book of Euclid's The Elements
  • 1622: A Treatise of the Northwest Passage to the South Sea, Through the Continent of Virginia and by Fretum Hudson (as by H.B.)
  • 1624: Arithmetica Logarithmica
  • 1633: Trigonometria Britannica (posthumous, added to by others)


  • Commentaries on the Geometry of Peter Ramus
  • Remarks on the Treatise of Longomontanus respecting the Quadrature of the Circle