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English Christian theologian and mathematician who had a hand in the development of calculus.

Often cited as being the discoverer of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.

Concentrated on the properties of the tangent.

The first to calculate the tangents of the kappa curve.

Famously stood down from his position as Lucasian Professor of Mathematics in favour of Isaac Newton.

Frequently came under adverse political pressure because of his political (Royalist) views.




  • Born: October 1630 in London, England
  • 1640: Attended Felstead School in Essex
  • 1643: Admitted as a foundation scholar at Peterhouse, Cambridge
  • 1644: Went to London to be supported by Thomas Fairfax
  • 1646: Attended Trinity College, Cambridge
  • 1649: Graduated, and started a teaching fellowship where he concentrated on mathematics
  • 1652: Graduated with his M.A.
  • 1655: Went to Paris
  • 1656: Went to Florence, thence to Turkey
  • 1659: Returned home to Cambridge, took up position (unopposed) as Professor of Greek
  • 1662: Took up position as Professor of Geometry at Gresham College, London
  • 20 May 1663: Elected a Fellow of the Royal Society
  • Summer 1663: Took up the newly-created position as Lucasian Professor of Mathematics
  • 1669: Resigned from the Lucasian Chair in favour of Isaac Newton
  • 1670: Appointed as Royal Chaplain to Charles II at Salisbury
  • February 1673: Awarded Mastership of Trinity by Charles II
  • April 1677: Travelled to London, contracted malignant fever
  • Died: 4 May 1677 in London, England


  • 1655: A simplified edition of Euclid's The Elements which became a standard text
  • 1658: Epitome Fidei et Religionis Turcicae
  • 1658: De Religione Turcica anno 1658 (poem)
  • 1669: Lectiones Opticae
  • 1670: Lectiones Geometricae
  • 1683: Lectiones Mathematicae

Notable Quotes

Continue to stay at home, if you are wise, and apply yourselves to your private studies. Turn over the choicest books you possess or take shelter in the pleasing shade of the library. Muffle yourselves in your snug blankets or sit by your cosy fireside. Consider your health and study at your own convenience.