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English printer specialising in mathematical books and maps, a maker of globes and mathematical instruments, and mathematical lexicographer.

Produced the first English language dictionary devoted to mathematics, and the first detailed instructional manual for printers.




  • Born: 8 August 1627
  • Died: February 1691 (exact date uncertain)


  • 1665: A tutor to astronomy & geography. Or, The use of the Copernican spheres.
  • 1677 -- 1683: Mechanick exercises (2 volumes) Issued in parts
  • 1676: A collection of some attempts made to the North-East, and North-West, for the finding a passage to Japan, China, &c.
  • 1697: Mechanick dyalling (extracted from Mechanick exercises volume 1)
  • 1700: Mathematicks made easie, or, A mathematical dictionary explaining the terms of art and difficult phrases used in arithmetick, geometry, astronomy, astrology, and other mathematical sciences (with Thomas Tuttell
  • 1703: Mechanick exercises or the doctrine of handy-works