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For more comprehensive information on the lives and works of mathematicians through the ages, see the MacTutor History of Mathematics archive, created by John J. O'Connor and Edmund F. Robertson.

The army of those who have made at least one definite contribution to mathematics as we know it soon becomes a mob as we look back over history; 6,000 or 8,000 names press forward for some word from us to preserve them from oblivion, and once the bolder leaders have been recognised it becomes largely a matter of arbitrary, illogical legislation to judge who of the clamouring multitude shall be permitted to survive and who be condemned to be forgotten.
-- Eric Temple Bell: Men of Mathematics, 1937, Victor Gollancz, London

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$1861$: Ivar Otto Bendixson
$1950$: Eric Schechter
$1954$: James Gleick


$1943$: Herbert Kenneth Kunen
$1971$: Ruth Elke Lawrence-Neimark


$1835$: Artemas Martin
$1907$: James Roy Newman
$1914$: Mark Kac
$1943$: Béla Bollobás


$1805$: William Rowan Hamilton
$1834$: John Venn
$1909$: Saunders Mac Lane


$1540$: Joseph Justus Scaliger
$1802$: Niels Henrik Abel
$1855$: Alfredo Capelli
$1872$: Horace Scudder Uhler
$1926$: Richard Carl Jeffrey
$1941$: Alexander Keewatin Dewdney


$1741$: John Wilson
$1919$: Kenneth Levenberg
$1939$: John Chukwuemeka Amazigo


$1811$: Elias Loomis
$1869$: Mary Frances Winston Newson
$1889$: Léon Nicolas Brillouin
$1896$: Lawrence Murray Graves


$1627$: Joseph Moxon
$1902$: Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac
$1912$: Ralph Philip Boas, Jr.
$1922$: John Hunter
$1931$: Roger Penrose


$1602$: Gilles Personne de Roberval
$1923$: William Judson LeVeque
$1927$: Richard C. DiPrima
$1953$: Jean Tirole


$1859$: Georg Alexander Pick


$1829$: Norman Macleod Ferrers
$1912$: Norman Levinson
$1923$: John R. Myhill


$1862$: Jules Antoine Richard
$1882$: Thomas Eric Peet
$1887$: Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger
$1932$: Gwilym Meirion Jenkins
$1942$: David Peter Robbins


$1704$: Alexis Fontaine des Bertins
$1814$: Anders Jonas Ångström
$1819$: George Gabriel Stokes
$1861$: Cesare Burali-Forti


$1737$: Charles Hutton
$1842$: Jean-Gaston Darboux
$1850$: Walter William Rouse Ball
$1866$: Charles de la Vallée Poussin
$1867$: Charles Albert Noble
$1915$: Robert Henry Sorgenfrey
$1934$: Simon Bernhard Kochen
$1948$: David Harold Bailey


$1769$: Napoleon Bonaparte
$1893$: Leslie John Comrie
$1957$: Clifford Alan Pickover


$1821$: Arthur Cayley


$1601$ or $1607/8$: Pierre de Fermat
$1942$: Jerrold Eldon Marsden


$1494$: Johannes Scheubel
$1685$: Brook Taylor
$1832$: Eugène Rouché
$1930$: James Raymond Munkres


$1939$: Alan Baker


$1710$: Thomas Simpson
$1901$: Steven Vajda
$1923$: Tom Mike Apostol


$1789$: Augustin Louis Cauchy
$1881$: Samuel Beatty
$1901$: Edward Thomas Copson
$1933$: Triloki Nath Bhargava
$1951$: Roger Lee Berger


$1647$: Denis Papin
$1892$: Li Yan


$1776$: Józef Maria Hoene-Wroński
$1829$: Moritz Benedikt Cantor
$1909$: Florence Nightingale David
$1919$: Vladimir Abramovich Rokhlin
$1920$: William Schumacher Massey
$1929$: Anthony James Merrill Spencer
$1939$: Vitali Davidovich Milman


$1901$: Semyon Aranovich Gershgorin
$1936$: Gary Theodore Chartrand


$1841$: Leo August Pochhammer
$1898$: Helmut Hasse
$1966$: Noam David Elkies


$1728$: Johann Heinrich Lambert
$1875$: Giuseppe Vitali
$1899$: Wolfgang Krull
$1920$: Richard Ernest Bellman
$1925$: Ernest Arthur Michael
$1928$: Henry Wadsworth Gould
$1944$: Hugh Lowell Montgomery
$1951$: Edward Witten
$1965$: Marcus Peter Francis du Sautoy


$1858$: Giuseppe Peano


$1796$: Irénée-Jules Bienaymé
$1862$: Roberto Marcolongo
$1867$: Maxime Bôcher
$1883$: Norman Herbert Anning
$1910$: Tjalling Charles Koopmans
$1939$: John Frank Charles Kingman


$1938$: Dominic James Anthony Welsh
$1959$: Stephen Wolfram
$1966$: Grzegorz Bancerek


$1856$: Carl David Tolmé Runge
$1871$: Ernest Rutherford
$1919$: James Dugundji


$1821$: Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz
$1880$: Heinrich Franz Friedrich Tietze
$1885$: Herbert Westren Turnbull

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