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The army of those who have made at least one definite contribution to mathematics as we know it soon becomes a mob as we look back over history; 6,000 or 8,000 names press forward for some word from us to preserve them from oblivion, and once the bolder leaders have been recognised it becomes largely a matter of arbitrary, illogical legislation to judge who of the clamouring multitude shall be permitted to survive and who be condemned to be forgotten.
-- Eric Temple Bell: Men of Mathematics, 1937, Victor Gollancz, London


Yoshio Mikami $($$\text {1875}$ – $\text {1950}$$)$

Japanese mathematician and historian of Japanese mathematics.
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Takeo Wada $($$\text {1882}$ – $\text {1944}$$)$

Japanese mathematician working in analysis and topology.

Known for introducing his technique of presenting a graphical representation of the result of a differential equation.
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Soichi Kakeya $($$\text {1886}$ – $\text {1947}$$)$

Japanese mathematician who worked mainly in mathematical analysis

Posed the Kakeya Problem.

Solved a version of the desert crossing problem.
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Shizuo Kakutani $($$\text {1911}$ – $\text {2004}$$)$

Japanese-American mathematician, best known for his Kakutani Fixed-Point Theorem.
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Kunihiko Kodaira $($$\text {1915}$ – $\text {1997}$$)$

Japanese mathematician known for distinguished work in algebraic geometry and the theory of complex manifolds.

Founder of the Japanese school of algebraic geometers.
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Jun-iti Nagata $($$\text {1925}$ – $\text {2007}$$)$

Japanese mathematician specializing in topology.
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Gaisi Takeuti $($$\text {1926}$ – $\text {2017}$$)$

Japanese mathematician specialising in logic and set theory.
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Michio Suzuki $($$\text {1926}$ – $\text {1998}$$)$

Japanese mathematician who studied group theory.
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Masayoshi Nagata $($$\text {1927}$ – $\text {2008}$$)$

Japanese mathematician who worked mainly in the field of commutative algebra.
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Nobuo Yoneda $($$\text {1930}$ – $\text {1996}$$)$

Japanese mathematician and computer scientist who worked in category theory and homological algebra.
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Nobuyuki Yoshigahara $($$\text {1936}$ – $\text {2004}$$)$

Japanese inventor, collector, solver, and communicator of puzzles.
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Yasumasa Kanada $($$\text {1949}$ – $\text {2020}$$)$

Japanese mathematician most known for his numerous world records for calculating digits of $\pi$.

He set the record $11$ of the $21$ times up to $2020$.
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Shinichi Mochizuki $($$\text {b. 1969}$$)$

Japanese mathematician working in number theory and arithmetic geometry.

One of the main contributors to anabelian geometry.

Inventor and developer of inter-universal Teichmüller theory.
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