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The army of those who have made at least one definite contribution to mathematics as we know it soon becomes a mob as we look back over history; 6,000 or 8,000 names press forward for some word from us to preserve them from oblivion, and once the bolder leaders have been recognised it becomes largely a matter of arbitrary, illogical legislation to judge who of the clamouring multitude shall be permitted to survive and who be condemned to be forgotten.
-- Eric Temple Bell: Men of Mathematics, 1937, Victor Gollancz, London


Emanuel Swedenborg $($$\text {1688}$ – $\text {1772}$$)$

Swedish pluralistic-Christian theologian, scientist, philosopher and mystic.

He became best known for his book on the afterlife, Heaven and Hell.

Advocate of the use of octal notation.
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Anders Celsius $($$\text {1701}$ – $\text {1744}$$)$

Swedish astronomer, physicist and mathematician whose best known contribution to science was his $1742$ proposal of what is now known as the Celsius temperature scale.
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Anders Jonas Ångström $($$\text {1814}$ – $\text {1874}$$)$

Swedish physicist who was one of the founders of the science of spectroscopy.
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John Williams Nystrom $($$\text {1825}$ – $\text {1885}$$)$

Swedish, later American, civil engineer, inventor, and author.

Best known for inventing a calculating machine and a system of hexadecimal notation.
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Magnus Gustaf Mittag-Leffler $($$\text {1846}$ – $\text {1927}$$)$

Swedish mathematician whose mathematical contributions are connected chiefly with the theory of functions.
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Ivar Otto Bendixson $($$\text {1861}$ – $\text {1935}$$)$

Swedish mathematician who worked mainly in the fields of set theory, analysis and differential equations.
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Lars Edvard Phragmén $($$\text {1863}$ – $\text {1937}$$)$

Swedish mathematician who contributed towards the field of complex function theory.

Also contributed towards the field of insurance mathematics.
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Niels Fabian Helge von Koch $($$\text {1870}$ – $\text {1924}$$)$

Swedish mathematician who gave his name to the famous fractal known as the Koch snowflake, one of the earliest fractal curves to be described.
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Ernst Hjalmar Waloddi Weibull $($$\text {1887}$ – $\text {1979}$$)$

Swedish engineer, scientist, and mathematician best known for giving his name to the Weibull distribution.
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Tage Gills Torsten Carleman $($$\text {1892}$ – $\text {1949}$$)$

Swedish mathematician whose main work was in analysis and applied mathematics.
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Carl Harald Cramér $($$\text {1893}$ – $\text {1985}$$)$

Swedish mathematician, actuary, and statistician, specializing in mathematical statistics and probabilistic number theory.
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Arne E. Broman $($$\text {1913}$ – $\text {1995}$$)$

Swedish mathematician who primarily contributed to analysis.
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Carl-Erik Fröberg $($$\text {1918}$ – $\text {2007}$$)$

Swedish computer scientist and physicist.

One of the pioneers in the field of numerical analysis.
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Lennart Axel Edvard Carleson $($$\text {b. 1928}$$)$

Swedish mathematician, known as a leader in the field of harmonic analysis.

Proved Lusin's Conjecture.
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Hans Ivar Riesel $($$\text {1929}$ – $\text {2014}$$)$

Swedish mathematician who found the $18$th Mersenne prime $2^{3217} - 1$ in $1957$.

He held the record for the highest known prime from $1957$ to $1961$, when Alexander Hurwitz found the next two.
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Lars Valter Hörmander $($$\text {1931}$ – $\text {2012}$$)$

Swedish mathematician best known for his work on linear partial differential equations.
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Anders Vretblad $($$\text {b. 1943}$$)$

Swedish mathematician known as the writer of the books Algebra och Kombinatorik and Fourier Analysis and its Applications.
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Per H. Enflo $($$\text {b. 1944}$$)$

Swedish mathematician who has solved fundamental problems in functional analysis.
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