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The army of those who have made at least one definite contribution to mathematics as we know it soon becomes a mob as we look back over history; 6,000 or 8,000 names press forward for some word from us to preserve them from oblivion, and once the bolder leaders have been recognised it becomes largely a matter of arbitrary, illogical legislation to judge who of the clamouring multitude shall be permitted to survive and who be condemned to be forgotten.
-- Eric Temple Bell: Men of Mathematics, 1937, Victor Gollancz, London


Mikhail Vasilyevich Ostrogradsky $($$\text {1801}$ – $\text {1862}$$)$

Russian mathematician, mechanician and physicist of Ukrainian origin.

Worked mainly in the mathematical fields of calculus of variations, integration of algebraic functions, number theory, algebra, geometry, probability theory and in the fields of applied mathematics, mathematical physics and classical mechanics.
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Viktor Yakovlevich Bunyakovsky $($$\text {1804}$ – $\text {1889}$$)$

Ukrainian mathematician best known for his contribution to the Cauchy-Bunyakovsky-Schwarz Inequality.
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Samuil Osipovich Shatunovsky $($$\text {1859}$ – $\text {1929}$$)$

Ukrainian mathematician who focused on several topics in mathematical analysis and algebra, such as group theory, number theory and geometry.
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Abram Samoilovitch Besicovitch $($$\text {1891}$ – $\text {1970}$$)$

Ukrainian mathematician who worked mainly on combinatorial methods and questions in real analysis.
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Alexander Markowich Ostrowski $($$\text {1893}$ – $\text {1986}$$)$

Ukrainian mathematician who contributed towards the fields of determinants, linear algebra, algebraic equations, multivariate algebra, formal algebra, number theory, geometry, topology, convergence, theory of real functions, differential equations, differential transformations, theory of complex functions, conformal mappings, numerical analysis and others.
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Valery Ivanovich Glivenko $($$\text {1897}$ – $\text {1940}$$)$

Ukrainian mathematician who worked in foundations of mathematics, real analysis, probability theory, and mathematical statistics
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Pavel Samuilovich Urysohn $($$\text {1898}$ – $\text {1924}$$)$

Ukrainian mathematician mainly working in analysis and topology.

Introduced the concept of compactness with Pavel Alexandrov in 1923.

Drowned in rough seas while swimming off the coast of France.
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George Gamow $($$\text {1904}$ – $\text {1968}$$)$

Soviet-American theoretical physicist and cosmologist
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Mark Grigorievich Krein $($$\text {1907}$ – $\text {1989}$$)$

Ukrainian mathematician who worked mainly in functional analysis.

Known for works in operator theory (in close connection with concrete problems coming from mathematical physics), the problem of moments, classical analysis and representation theory.
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David Pinhusovich Milman $($$\text {1912}$ – $\text {1982}$$)$

Ukrainian/Israeli mathematician specializing in functional analysis.

Known for his development of functional analysis methods, particularly in operator theory, in close connection with concrete problems coming from mathematical physics, in particular differential equations and normal modes.
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Israel Moiseevich Gelfand $($$\text {1913}$ – $\text {2009}$$)$

Ukrainian mathematician who contributed considerably to many branches of mathematics, including group theory, representation theory and linear algebra.

Did much good work in the field of education.
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Yuri Vladimirovich Linnik $($$\text {1915}$ – $\text {1972}$$)$

Ukrainian mathematician active in number theory, probability theory and mathematical statistics.
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Isaak Moiseyevich Yaglom $($$\text {1921}$ – $\text {1988}$$)$

Ukrainian mathematician whose wrote many popular works.

The twin brother of Akiva Moiseyevich Yaglom.
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Akiva Moiseyevich Yaglom $($$\text {1921}$ – $\text {2007}$$)$

Ukrainian physicist, mathematician, statistician, and meteorologist, best known for his contributions to the statistical theory of turbulence and theory of random processes.

The twin brother of Isaak Moiseyevich Yaglom.
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Yuri Ivanovitch Manin $($$\text {b. 1937}$$)$

Crimean-born mathematician, known for work in algebraic geometry and diophantine geometry.

Also known for the colossal breadth of published works.
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Vladimir Igorevich Arnold $($$\text {1937}$ – $\text {2010}$$)$

Ukrainian mathematician who made important contributions in several areas including dynamical systems theory, catastrophe theory, topology, algebraic geometry, symplectic geometry, differential equations, classical mechanics and singularity theory.

Best known for the Kolmogorov-Arnold-Moser Theorem regarding the stability of integrable systems,
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Vitali Davidovich Milman $($$\text {b. 1939}$$)$

Ukrainian-born Israeli mathematician specializing in analysis.
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Leonid Anatolievich Levin $($$\text {b. 1948}$$)$

Ukrainian-American computer scientist best known for his exposition of what is now known as the Cook-Levin Theorem.
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Dmitry P. Mavlo $($$\text {b. 1950}$$)$

Ukrainian educator, mathematician and physicist.
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Vladimir Gershonovich Drinfeld $($$\text {b. 1954}$$)$

Ukrainian mathematician working on connecting algebraic geometry over finite fields with number theory, especially the theory of automorphic forms, through the notions of elliptic module and the theory of the geometric Langlands correspondence.
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