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American physicist, mathematics teacher, historian, and agitator for the teaching of the New Mathematics in schools.

Not to be confused with Felix Klein.




  • Born: May 1, 1908
  • Died: June 10, 1992

Theorems and Definitions


  • 1937: Introduction to Mathematics (with Irvin W. Kay)
  • 1951: The Theory of Electromagnetic Waves (as editor)
  • 1953: Mathematics in Western Culture
  • 1959: Mathematics and the Physical World
  • 1962: Mathematics: A Cultural Approach
  • 1965: Electromagnetic Theory and Geometrical Optics (with Irvin W. Kay)
  • 1967: Calculus, An intuitive and Physical Approach (second edition: 1967, third edition: 1977)
  • 1967: Mathematics for Liberal Arts
  • 1968: Mathematics in the Modern World (as editor)
  • 1972: Mathematical Thought From Ancient to Modern Times
  • 1973: Why Johnny Can't Add: The Failure of the New Mathematics
  • 1977: Why the professor can't teach: Mathematics and the dilemma of university education
  • 1980: Mathematics: The Loss of Certainty
  • 1985: Mathematics for the Nonmathematician (reissue of Mathematics for Liberal Arts)