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Dutch mathematician known for his contributions to analysis, number theory, combinatorics and logic.




  • Born: 9 July 1918, The Hague, Netherlands
  • Died: 17 February 2012, Nuenen

Theorems and Definitions


  • 1940: On Steiner-Schläfli's Hypocycloid
  • 1941: Ein Satz über Schlichte Funktionen
  • 1943: Common Representative Systems of Two Divisions of an Aggregate into Classes
  • 1943: Over Modulaire Vormen van meer Veranderlijken
  • 1943: On the Absolute Convergence of Dirichlet Series
  • 1943: On the Number of Solutions of the System ...
  • 1943: Almost Periodic Multiplicative Functions
  • 1946: The Problem of Optimum Antenna Current Distribution
  • 1946: A Combinatorial Problem (Proceedings of the Section of Sciences Vol. 49, no. 7: pp. 758 – 764)
  • 1946: On the Zeros of a Polynomial and of its Derivative
  • 1946: A Note on van der Pol's Equation
  • 1947: The Electrostatic Field of a Point Charge inside a Cylinder, in Connection with Wave Guide Theory (with C J Bouwkamp)
  • 1970: The Mathematical Language AUTOMATH, its Usage, and some of its Extensions
  • 1972: Lambda Calculus Notation with Nameless Dummies, a tool for Automatic Formula Manipulation, with Application to the Church-Rosser Theorem (Indagationes Mathematicae (Proceedings) Vol. 75, no. 5)

Also known as

Known to friends and close associates as Dick.