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German mathematician who introduced quasiconformal mappings and differential geometric methods into complex analysis.

Noted for organizing in 1933 the boycott of Edmund Georg Hermann Landau for being Jewish.

Killed in action on the Eastern Front.




  • Born: 18 June 1913, Nordhausen, Saxony
  • Died: 11 September 1943, Dnieper, Soviet Union

Theorems and Definitions

Results named for Paul Julius Oswald Teichmüller can be found here.

Definitions of concepts named for Paul Julius Oswald Teichmüller can be found here.


  • 1935: Operatoren im Wachsschen Raum
  • 1938: Untersuchungen über konforme und quasikonforme Abbildungen
  • 1938: Ungleichungen zwischen den Koeffizienten schlichter Funktionen
  • 1939: Extremale quasikonforme Abbildungen und quadratische Differentiale
  • 1941: Verschiebungssatz
  • 1943: Bestimmung der extremalen quasikonformen Abbildungen bei geschlossenen orientierten Riemannschen Flächen
  • 1944: Veränderliche Riemannsche Flächen

Notable Quotes

Through yesterday's action a completely new situation has now been created. In order to restore peace in our institute it is necessary, above all, to clear up the fundamentals behind it. You spoke of your belief that what happened yesterday was an anti-Semitic demonstration. My standpoint was, and continues to be, that an anti-Jewish individual action might rather be directed against everyone else than against you. I am not concerned with making difficulties for you as a Jew, but only with protecting -- above all -- German students of the second semester from being taught differential and integral calculus by a teacher of a race quite foreign to them. I, like everyone else, do not doubt your ability to instruct suitable students of whatever origin in the purely abstract aspects of mathematics. But I know that many academic courses, especially the differential and integral calculus, have at the same time educative value, inducting the pupil not only to a conceptual world but also to a different frame of mind. But since the latter depends very substantially on the racial composition of the individual, it follows that an Aryan student should not be allowed to be trained by a Jewish teacher.

Also known as

Usually known as Oswald Teichmüller.