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Syrian Melkite Christian physician, philosopher, astronomer, mathematician and translator.

Known for translating many Greek texts in to Arabic.




  • Born: 820 CE in Baalbek, Abbasid Caliphate, now Baalbek District, Beqaa Governorate, Lebanon
  • Died: 912 CE in Armenia


  • Risalah fī Auja Al Niqris
  • Rislah fī al Nabidh
  • Kitāb fī al‐ʿamal bi‐ʾl-kura al‐nujūmiyya
  • Hayʾat al‐aflāk (work on Celestial Bodies)
  • Kitāb al‐Madkhal ilā ʿilm al‐nujūm
  • Kitāb al‐Madkhal ilā al‐hayʾa wa‐ḥarakāt al‐aflāk wa‐ʾl‐kawākib
  • Kitāb fī al‐ʿamal bi‐ʾl‐asṭurlāb al‐kurī
  • Kitāb fī al‐ʿamal bi‐ʾl‐kura dhāt al‐kursī
  • The Introduction to Geometry (English Translation)

Also known as

Variously transliterated, for example Qust¸a ibn Luqa.

Latinised as Costa ben Luca or Constabulus

Full name: Qusta Ibn Luqa al-Ba'albakki

In Arabic: قُسطا ابن لُوقا البعلبکی