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American mathematician who worked on mathematical logic, set theory, geometry, number theory and combinatorics.

One of the early computer pioneers, he implemented a program for the Lucas-Lehmer Test.

In 1952, determined or confirmed the primality of all the Mersenne numbers up to $M_{2304}$.

In the process, he discovered the Mersenne primes $M_{521}, M_{607}, M_{1279}, M_{2203}$ and $M_{2281}$.




Theorems and Inventions


  • 1935: Some results in the theory of Schlicht functions
  • 1937: The theory of classes: A modification of Von Neumann's system
  • 1939: On numerical bounds in Schottky's Theorem
  • 1940: On the mean values of an analytic function
  • 1940: The approximation of irrational numbers by fractions with odd or even terms
  • 1945: Finite sequences of classes
  • 1950: An Essentially Undecidable Axiom System
  • 1971: Undecidability and nonperiodicity for tilings of the plane (Inventiones Mathematicae Vol. 12, no. 3: pp. 177 – 209)
  • 1978: Undecidable tiling problems in the hyperbolic plane
  • 1991: Minsky's small universal Turing machine
  • 1994: Two figures in the hyperbolic plane"