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Better known under his Latinized name (Johannes Müller) Regiomontanus: both surnames mean King's mountain.

German mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, translator, instrument maker and Catholic bishop.

Pupil of Georg von Peuerbach, whose uncompleted work he continued.

Set up a printing press at Nuremberg in $\text {1471}$ – $\text {1472}$ for printing scientific works.

First publisher of such scientific literature.

Became internationally famous within his own lifetime.


Dutch, of German origin


  • Born: 6 June 1436 in Unfinden (near Königsberg), Lower Franconia (now in Bayern, Germany)
  • 1447: Joined University of Leipzig to study dialectics
  • 14 April 1450: Entered the University of Vienna to become pupil of Georg von Peuerbach
  • 16 January 1452: Awarded a baccalaureate
  • 1457: Awarded a Master's Degree (on reaching required age of 21)
  • 11 November 1457: Appointed to the Arts Faculty of the University of Vienna to study under Peuerbach
  • 1458: Delivered course on perspective
  • 1460: Delivered course on Euclid
  • 1461: Delivered course on Virgil's Bucolics
  • 1461: Took over the work to complete Epytoma in Almagesti Ptolemei started by Peuerbach
  • 20 November 1461: Travelled to Italy under patronage with Cardinal Bessarion
  • 1461 to 1465: Based in Rome as a member of Bessarion's extended household
  • Summer 1462: At Viterbo with Bessarion
  • Autumn 1462: Accompanied Bessarion as far as Venice
  • 1462: found an incomplete copy of Diophantus's Arithmetica
  • 5 July 1463: Left Rome
  • Spring 1464: Lectured at the University of Padua in the Venetian Republic
  • 21 April 1464: Observed the total eclipse of the moon
  • August 1464: Returned to Rome after death of the Pope Pius II
  • 19 June 1465: Made an observation at Viterbo
  • 1467: In Hungary, having accepted an appointment from the King to the Royal Library in Buda
  • c. 1471: Moved to Nuremberg
  • 1471-1472: in he set up a printing press in his own house in Nuremberg
  • 1476: summoned to Rome by Pope Sixtus IV to advise on calendar reform
  • Died: 6 July 1476 in Rome, Italy of unknown causes (probably plague, but rumoured to have been poisoned)


Results named for Johannes Müller von Königsberg can be found here.


  • Algorithmus Demonstratus
  • Introductory Discourse on All the Mathematical Disciplines
  • Theoricae novae Planetarum
  • The Defence of Theon against George of Trebizond

Also known as

  • Johann Müller
  • Johannes Molitoris de Künigsperg (Molitoris is a Latin form of Müller)
  • Johannes Germanus (Johann the German)
  • Johannes Francus (Johannes from Franconia)
  • Johann von Künigsperg (Johann from Königsberg)
  • Joannes de Monte Regio (used by Gassendi in his biography)
  • Ioannis de Regio Monte (used by himself on the title page of his De Triangulis Omnimodus)
  • Regiomontus (possibly erroneously)
  • At least one online source has Regionontanus, which is clearly erroneous.