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Smith may refer to:

Henry John Stephen Smith $($$\text {1826}$ – $\text {1883}$$)$

Irish mathematician remembered for his work in elementary divisors, quadratic forms, and the Smith-Minkowski-Siegel Mass Formula in number theory.

Devised the Smith Normal Form of a matrix.

Also worked on elliptic functions.
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David Eugene Smith $($$\text {1860}$ – $\text {1944}$$)$

American mathematician and educator best known for his translations of classics.
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Edwin Raymond Smith $($$\text {1879}$ – $\text {?}$$)$

American (?) mathematician who co-authored a book of mathematical tables with Robert Daniel Carmichael.
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Herman Lyle Smith $($$\text {1892}$ – $\text {1950}$$)$

American mathematician who worked in the field of set theory.
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William Kay Smith $($$\text {1920}$ – $\text {2007}$$)$

American mathematician working in education and real analysis.
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John Maynard Smith $($$\text {1920}$ – $\text {2004}$$)$

English theoretical evolutionary biologist and geneticist.

Originally an aeronautical engineer during the Second World War.

Instrumental in the application of game theory to evolution.
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Walter Laws Smith $($$\text {b. 1926}$$)$

British-born American mathematician known for his contributions to applied probability theory.
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Adrian Frederick Melhuish Smith $($$\text {b. 1946}$$)$

English statistician better known for his political influence than intellectual.
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Derek Alan Smith

Author of:

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Peter Smith

Author of:

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