Mathematician:Thomas John I'Anson Bromwich

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English all-rounder mathematician who committed suicide from mental illness supposedly brought on by overwork.

His second name starts with an uppercase i, not a lowercase L. Sources vary, and mistakes do exist.

Currently it is unfortunately fashionable to use sans-serif fonts, which makes it impossible to distinguishing between the two letters.




  • Born: 8 Feb 1875, Wolverhampton, England
  • Died: 26 Aug 1929, Northampton, England

Theorems and Definitions


  • 1906: Quadratic Forms and their Classification by means of Invariant-Factors
  • 1908: An introduction to the theory of infinite series (2nd edition 1926)
  • 1911: Elementary Integrals
  • 1921: Examples in Geometrical Optics
  • 1929: An Application of Heaviside's Methods to Viscous Fluid Motion (J. London Math. Soc. Vol. 5: pp. 10 – 13)