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Austrian differential and integral geometer.

Published one of the first books devoted to convex sets: Kreis und Kugel.

Made a thorough review of the subject with citations within the text to attribute credit in a classical area of mathematics.




  • Born: 13 September 1885 in Graz, Austria-Hungary (now Austria)
  • Died: 17 March 1962 in Hamburg, Germany

Theorems and Definitions

Results named for Wilhelm Johann Eugen Blaschke can be found here.


  • 1916: Kreis und Kugel ("Circle and Sphere")
  • 1921 -- 1929: Vorlesungen über Differentialgeometrie (3 vols.):
Vol. 1: Elementare Differentialgeometrie
Vol. 2: Affine Differentialgeometrie
Vol. 3: Differentialgeometrie der Kreise und Kugeln
  • 1938: Geometrie der Gewebe (with G. Bol)
  • 1938: Ebene Kinematik
  • 1942: Nicht-Euklidische Geometrie und Mechanik I, II, III
  • 1948: Zur Bewegungsgeometrie auf der Kugel
  • 1950: Einführung in die Differentialgeometrie
  • 1951: Mathematik und Leben
  • 1953: Griechische und anschauliche Geometrie
  • 1954: Projektive Geometrie
  • 1954: Analytische Geometrie
  • 1955: Einführung in die Geometrie der Waben
  • 1955: Vorlesungen über Integralgeometrie
  • 1960: Kinematik und Quaternionen

Also known as

Some sources give his surname (probably erroneously) as Blashke.