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Wilson may refer to:

John Wilson $($$\text {1741}$ – $\text {1793}$$)$

English mathematician remembered mainly for Wilson's Theorem, which was in fact published by Edward Waring and came originally from Ibn al-Haytham ("Alhazen").

It was in fact proved by Lagrange in $1793$.
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Edwin Bidwell Wilson $($$\text {1879}$ – $\text {1964}$$)$

American mathematician working in vector analysis and probability theory.
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Bertram Martin Wilson $($$\text {1896}$ – $\text {1935}$$)$

English mathematician, remembered primarily as a co-editor, along with G.H. Hardy and P.V. Seshu Aiyar, of the Collected Papers of Srinivasa Ramanujan.
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Robert Butler Wilson $($$\text {b. 1937}$$)$

American economist known for his contributions to management science and business economics.
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Robin James Wilson $($$\text {b. 1943}$$)$

British mathematician whose academic interests lie in graph theory, particularly in colouring problems, for example the four colour problem, and algebraic properties of graphs.
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Robert Arnott Wilson $($$\text {b. 1958}$$)$

English mathematician best known for his work on classifying the maximal subgroups of finite simple groups and for the work in the Monster group.
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Wilson Miles Zaring $($$\text {1926}$ – $\text {2016}$$)$

American mathematician working in axiomatic set theory.
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Wilson Alexander Sutherland $($$\text {1935}$ – $\text {2019}$$)$

Scottish mathematician working mainly in topology.
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