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Crimean-born mathematician, known for work in algebraic geometry and diophantine geometry.

Also known for the colossal breadth of published works.


Ukrainian / German


  • Born: February 16, 1937, Simferopol, Crimea, USSR (now Ukraine, at time of writing illegally occupied by Putleristan)

Theorems and Definitions


  • 1958: On cubic congruences to a prime modulus
  • 1959: Moduli of a field of algebraic functions
  • 1960: On cubic congruences to a prime modulus
  • 1966: Rational points of algebraic curves over function fields
  • 1966: Rational surfaces and Galois cohomology
  • 1965: Algebraic topology of algebraic varieties
  • 1972: Cubic forms: Algebra, Geometry, Arithmetics
  • 1977: A Course in Mathematical Logic
  • 1978: Modular forms and Number Theory
  • 1979: The provable and the unprovable
  • 1980: Computable and noncomputable
  • 1981: Mathematics and physics
  • 1984: New dimensions in geometry
  • 1984: Gauge Fields and Complex Geometry
  • 1988: Quantum groups and non commutative geometry
  • 1988: Methods of Homological Algebra (with Sergei I. Gelfand)
  • 1989: Homological Algebra (with Sergei I. Gelfand)
  • 1989: Linear Algebra and Geometry (with Alexei Ivanovich Kostrikin)
  • 1989: Elementary Particles: Mathematics, Physics and Philosophy (with Igor Yur'evich Kobzarev)
  • 1990: Introduction to Number theory (with Alexei A. Panchishkin)
  • 1991: Topics in non-commutative geometry
  • 1991: 3-dimensional hyperbolic geometry as infinite-adic Arakelov geometry
  • 1999: Frobenius manifolds, quantum cohomology, and moduli spaces
  • 1999: Classical computing, quantum computing and Shor´s factoring algorithm
  • 2000: Moduli, Motives, Mirrors
  • 2002: Von Zahlen und Figuren
  • 2002: Holography principle and arithmetic of algebraic curves (with Mathilde Marcolli)
  • 2010: A Course in Mathematical Logic for Mathematicians, 2nd ed. (with Boris Zilber)

Also known as

His name in Russian is Ю́рий Ива́нович Ма́нин

It can be seen presented as Yuri Ivanovich Manin.