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Russian mathematician most famous for proving that Hilbert's Tenth Problem is Unsolvable.




  • Born: 2 March 1947 in Leningrad, USSR (now St Petersburg, Russia)

Theorems and Definitions

Results named for Yuri Vladimirovich Matiyasevich can be found here.


  • 1967: Simple examples of unsolvable canonical calculi
  • 1967: Simple examples of unsolvable associative calculi
  • 1968: Arithmetic representations of powers
  • 1968: A connection between systems of word and length equations and Hilbert's tenth problem
  • 1968: Two reductions of Hilbert's tenth problem
  • 1970: The Diophantineness of enumerable sets (in which was proved that Hilbert's Tenth Problem is Unsolvable)
  • 1970: Diophantine representation of recursively enumerable predicates
  • 1971: On recursive unsolvability of Hilbert's tenth problem
  • 1972: Diophantine representation of enumerable predicates
  • 1973: Real-time recognition of the inclusion relation (Journal of Soviet Mathematics Vol. 1, no. 1: pp. 64 – 70)
  • 1975: Reduction of an arbitrary Diophantine equation to one in 13 unknowns (Acta Arithmetica Vol. XXVII: pp. 521 – 549) (with Julia Robinson)
  • 1993: Hilbert's 10th Problem: foreword by Martin Davis and Hilary Putnam
  • 2004: Some Probabilistic Restatements of the Four Color Conjecture (Journal of Graph Theory Vol. 46, no. 3: pp. 167 – 179)
  • 2004: Elimination of quantifiers from arithmetical formulas defining recursively enumerable sets
  • 2009: Existential arithmetization of Diophantine equations
  • 2010: One more probabilistic reformulation of the four colour conjecture

Also known as

In Russian: Ю́рий Влади́мирович Матиясе́вич

His name can also be seen transliterated as Matijasevic.