Number of Powers of Cyclic Group Element

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Let $G$ be a cyclic group of order $n$, generated by $g$.

Let $d \divides n$.

Then the element $g^{n/d}$ has $d$ distinct powers.


Follows directly from Order of Subgroup of Cyclic Group:

$\order {\gen {g^{n/d} } } = \dfrac n {\gcd \set {n, n/d} } = d$

Thus from List of Elements in Finite Cyclic Group:

$\gen {g^{n/d} } = \set {e, g^{n/d}, \paren {g^{n/d} }^2, \ldots, \paren {g^{n/d} }^{d - 1} }$

and the result follows.