Power Set Exists and is Unique

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Let $V$ be a basic universe.

Let $x \in V$ be a set.

Let $\powerset x$ denote the power set of $x$.

Then $\powerset x$ is guaranteed to exist and is unique.


By the Axiom of Specification an arbitrary subclass of $x$ can be created.

Hence we can create the class of all such subclasses.

Hence $\powerset x$ exists.

Let $\powerset x$, $\map \QQ x$ both be power sets of $x$.

From definition of power sets:

$\forall T$:
$T \in \powerset x \iff T \subseteq x$
$T \in \map \QQ x \iff T \subseteq x$

From Biconditional is Commutative and Biconditional is Transitive:

$T \in \powerset x \iff T \in \map \QQ x$

By the Axiom of Extension:

$\powerset x = \map \QQ x$

Hence the power set is unique.