Successor of Ordinal Smaller than Limit Ordinal is also Smaller

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Let $\On$ denote the class of all ordinals.

Let $\lambda \in \On$ be a limit ordinal.


$\forall \alpha \in \On: \alpha < \lambda \implies \alpha^+ < \lambda$

Proof 1

Let $\lambda$ be a limit ordinal such that $\alpha < \lambda$.

From Successor of Element of Ordinal is Subset

Then as $\alpha^+$ is the successor set of $\alpha$ it follows that:

$\alpha^+ \le \lambda$

But as $\lambda$ is not a successor ordinal:

$\alpha^+ \ne \lambda$


$\alpha^+ < \lambda$


Proof 2

Because $\lambda$ is a limit ordinal:

$\lambda \ne \alpha^+$

Moreover, by Successor of Element of Ordinal is Subset:

$\alpha \in \lambda \implies \alpha^+ \subseteq \lambda$

Therefore by Transitive Set is Proper Subset of Ordinal iff Element of Ordinal:

$\alpha^+ \subset \lambda$ and $\alpha^+ \in \lambda$