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Abbreviation: SUVAT

A category of problems in elementary applied mathematics and Newtonian physics involving a body $B$ under constant acceleration $\mathbf a$.
They consist of applications of the equations:

$(1):$ Velocity after Time

$\mathbf v = \mathbf u + \mathbf a t$

$(2):$ Distance after Time

$\mathbf s = \mathbf u t + \dfrac {\mathbf a t^2} 2$

$(3):$ Velocity after Distance

$\mathbf v \cdot \mathbf v = \mathbf u \cdot \mathbf u + 2 \mathbf a \cdot \mathbf s$


$\mathbf u$ is the velocity at time $t = 0$
$\mathbf v$ is the velocity at time $t$
$\mathbf s$ is the displacement of $B$ from its initial position at time $t$
$\cdot$ denotes the scalar product.

The term SUVAT arises from the symbols used, $\mathbf s$, $\mathbf u$, $\mathbf v$, $\mathbf a$ and $t$.