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The $24$th and final letter of the Greek alphabet.

Minuscule: $\omega$
Majuscule: $\Omega$

The $\LaTeX$ code for \(\omega\) is \omega .

The $\LaTeX$ code for \(\Omega\) is \Omega .

Sample Space


Let $\mathcal E$ be an experiment.

The sample space of $\mathcal E$ is usually denoted $\Omega$ (Greek capital omega), and is defined as the set of all possible outcomes of $\mathcal E$.

Elementary Event


Let $\mathcal E$ be an experiment.

An elementary event of $\mathcal E$, often denoted $\omega$ (Greek lowercase omega) is one of the elements of the sample space $\Omega$ (Greek capital omega) of $\mathcal E$.

Order Type of Natural Numbers


The order type of $\left({\N, \le}\right)$ is denoted $\omega$ (omega).



Used in some sources, for example 1982: P.M. Cohn: Algebra Volume 1 (2nd ed.), to denote a general relation.